SuperGears Presents: The Time Machine!

We are here with a brand new video series! In this series, our founders Yasin and Yakup Demirden will be sharing their memories of more than 20 years of experience in the Turkish game industry. Of course, we have reserved the first part of this series, which will be in a conversational mood, for Kabus (Nightmare) 22, which still has many questions and comments, even after more than 15 years!

Our founders talk about why they started such a large-scale project in their very first years in the industry, why they chose the horror genre, and which productions they were inspired by. Years later, the question of why the game’s name is Kabus (Nightmare) “22” is enlightened in the conversation, which also includes memories about the development process that have not been told before.

In the following parts of our Time Machine series, we will also be hosting many different veteran names of the Turkish gaming industry, while also talking about other projects and other memories. We believe that the series will attract a lot of attention from Turkish gaming ecosystem.