SuperGears was at GameX 2022!

TUYAP Fair & Congress Center Istanbul hosted the Digital Game Fair, “GameX” on May 19-22. GameX has been going on for many years but could not meet with the gamers for 2 years due to the pandemic. In this year’s GameX there was also the B2B part for the first time. As SuperGears, we took our place among the B2B participants of the fair.

Our Project Manager Fırat Baban and Game Designer Mete Almali gave a presentation on “Product Management and Game Design on Large Scoped Projects” in the second day of the fair. In their speech, subjects as what are large scoped game projects with a couple of examples, which branches are involved and tips on development processes were the main topics. With including different branches on game development, the presentation mainly proceeded from the perspectives of project & product management and game design. Our teammates have also shared their own experiences and some examples from Racing Kingdom’s development process.

SuperGears Business Manager Tansu Kendirli participated in a panel discussion on “New trends, programs and finance in the gaming industry” on the 2nd day of the fair, and also another panel discussion on “A very fast growing community: Blockchain Game Developers in Turkey” on the 3rd day of the fair.

We enjoyed taking part in GameX, which brought the game industry together physically after a very long time. We will continue to share our knowledge and experience by making an effort to take part in all game events that will be held in Turkey!